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Swiss Dream CBD Auto Feminised Seeds

Swiss Dream CBD Auto Feminised Seeds reflect Health CBD Market Company’s commitment to developing high-CBD low-THC strains for the medical market.

It is the autoflowering version of Swiss Dream CBD and has THC levels below 1% with CBD at anything up to 20%.

We are proud to present Swiss Dream CBD Auto Feminised Seeds, one of the lowest THC / highest CBDstrains available, perfect for daily medicinal use.

Swiss Dream CBD Auto Feminised Seeds has no psychoactive effects, giving an effect of complete lucidity with a truly intoxicating muscle relaxation.

The leaves of this plant are olive green, with highly defined flowers that give off a smell of conifers and red fruit, to contrast with its earthy fruity flavour. It is easy to grow and a great option for those cultivating for the first time for therapeutic reasons.

Although bred from two predominantly sativa strains the continued selection for low THC plants has resulted in a strain with a more relaxed effect and an indica structure. Growing to a height of between 60 – 100 cm. tall this plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors.

It is quite a stress-resistant plant which nevertheless requires a constant supply of nutrients albeit at lower concentrations. Like an indica plant the internodal length is fairly short giving rise to a plethora of budding sites.

Swiss Dream CBD Auto Feminised Seeds

Indoors this strain will yield around 400 gr/m2 in approximately 9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors this can increase to as much as 200 gr/plant. The flowering buds exude a scent of pine and red fruits while its taste is reminiscent of earth and fruits.

CBD production can reach as high as 20% with around 0.6% THC giving a ratio of CBD:THC of about 35:1 and it is no surprise to learn that Health CBD Market claim a totally lucid experience that is free from psychoactive effects although deeply relaxing especially for muscles.


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