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Thunderstruck Feminised Seeds

Thunderstruck Feminised Seeds have the highest CBD / lowest THC ratio of any of our Seeds varieties, making it great for medicating people of all ages.

Purely medicinal cannabis of the highest quality! Tremendous for people dealing with cancer as well as people suffering from epilepsy. 20-1 CBD to THC Ratio

This awesome S1 offering has the highest CBD to lowest THC ratio of any strain. Essentially, this means that the psychoactive and trippy side effects are toned down, whereas the medicinal, therapeutic potential is ramped right up to the max. In fact, the CBD:THC ratio is said to be an incredible 20:1. As you might imagine, this is a plant that has benefits for adults of all ages!

The family tree our Thunderstruck feminised seeds can be traced back to a strain called AC/DC. Little is known about this mysterious parent plant, but it is suspected to be a high CBD phenotype of Cannatonic.

Whatever the case, its offspring is truly awesome, with a flowering time of 56 days and very pleasing yields come harvest time. It’ll surely leave you thunderstruck!


Notes of menthol, eucalyptus, and sharp berries.


This one delivers an incredibly potent yet relaxing and uplifting medicinal high thanks to its enormous levels of CBD and very low levels of THC. It’s great for enhancing the mood, relieving stress, and generally chilling out and unwinding.
Although it can be grown indoors as well. It is 85% indica producing high levels of THC but with low CBD. It is a hybrid cross of Thunderberry with an old Afghani strain. and it has a deliciously fruity, berry taste which leads into a euphoric high feeling.

Grown outdoors in northern latitudes Thunderstruck will be ready to harvest during September or March in the southern hemisphere. Outdoor plants grow to a height of 100 – 140 cm or a shorter 60 – 100 cm if grown indoors.

Yields are very good with 750 – 900 gr/plant being the normal range; indoors growers can expect to harvest between 500 – 600 gr/m2 after 7 – 8 weeks. Its uplifting, feel-good effect is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


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